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Hiking down the Gotthard

After coming back from Ireland and before heading to Salzburg we wanted to go to the mountains again. What could be more Swiss than the Gotthardpass which connects the German with the Italian speaking part. As walking up would have not been appreciated by Hazel we decided to hike...
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Hello Swiss Mountains

Hello Switzerland – here we are ! Since one week we are now in Switzerland and already had quite a program. Besides meeting family and friends again we already have slotted in one first hike. Up to Kronberg Kronberg in the Appenzell Mountains in Eastern Switzerland was our designated...
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A short History of Everything

Hello there. It has been while since our last post – about 6 years to be precise. Lot happened in the meantime. The Swiss Life After returning to Switzerland in 2013 we settled in there in the small but fine city of Aarau. Near to our friends we spent...
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