Quokkas in Perth

After touring the west coast and before heading to Melbourne we spent some days in Perth.

All the Animals in Mandurah

Before going to Perth itself we spent three days in Mandurah, a southern suburb. Our campground came with plenty of animals. Besides some very naughty Australian Ringnecks (a parrot), there were horses, ducks and we even got a visit from a quenda (a kind of bandicoot).

Naughty Australian Ringneck Parrot
Naughty Australian Ringneck Parrot

Besides relaxing and animal watching we also visited the Lake Clifton Thrombolites.

Lake Clifton Thrombolites
Lake Clifton Thrombolites

Fremantle and Cottesloe

We ditched camping in Perth and stayed four nights in a lovely Airbnb in Cottesloe just minutes from the beach.

Cottesloe has a nice vibe and so we enjoyed a stroll at the beach before getting some fish and chips for some alfresco sunset dining.

Sunset in Cottesloe
Sunset in Cottesloe

Another cool suburb of Perth is Fremantle. Besides the touristy Fremantle Market, there are some nice historic brick buildings as well as some lively pubs and a good food court.

Stylish Fremantle
Stylish Fremantle

Downtown, Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Perth is by far the biggest city in Western Australia – one might say it’s the only real city.

Perth Skyline
Perth Skyline

So we enjoyed a walk through downtown with its skyline before heading to the lush Kings Park and Botanic Garden. It’s always lovely if a city has lots of greenery.

Memorial at King Albert Park
Memorial at Kings Park

A bit outside of the centre there is also a good aquarium which we visited. On the way there we enjoyed the fantastic coastline with some true dream houses.

Quokkas Galore on Rottnest Island

One of the highlights of Perth is Rottnest Island which we reached by a short ferry ride.

Quokkas are the main attraction of the island. These small furry Instagram-stars have no natural predators on the island and are therefore quite shameless. As you can see from the pics below they are also not camera shy at all.

Hello I am a Quokka
Hello I am a Quokka

Besides the Quokkas the island offers some nice beaches, snorkelling spots and is even home of some seals. So we used the opportunity for one last snorkel in Western Australia.

As the island is completely car-free we decided to explore it by bicycle. The 25km long circuit around the island is a good workout (especially if your bike only has three gears) and so we earned ourselves icecreams.

Hazel enjoying Rottnest Island
Hazel enjoying Rottnest Island

Western Australia – a Nature Wonderland

If you believe it or not this already brings us to the end of our six and a half weeks in Western Australia.

WA is really a fantastic state. We loved the contrast between the green, lush forests in the south and dry desert landscape in the north.

As you can probably guess from our posts the state is all about nature – animals at every corner, be it on land or underwater. In addition, it offers a diverse flora as well, from smalls scrubs to majestic trees.

We really loved every bit of it and definitely have some spots we still want to visit (or re-visit).

Now it’s off to Victoria for two weeks before heading to Tasmania. Stay tuned.


Where we stayed:

What to eat:

  • Best Dim Sum in Western Australia: Dragon Palace (pretty close to what you can get in Hong Kong).


Rottnest Island


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