Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar here we come

Hello from Chiang Rai. Time for a bit of a catch up :).

After returning from Switzerland we stayed for two weeks in our home base in Singapore. Plenty of time to catch up with friends, play some board games (a favorite hobby of ours), do some admin and enjoy lot of yummy food.

Then it was time to pack our big backpacks for the next leg of our trip. The plan is to fly to Norther Thailand (spoiler alert – we have achieved that by now) and then cross over into Laos. Afterwards we hope to visit some friends in Ho Chi Minh City before flying over to Myanmar. Plan is to be on the road for about seven weeks.

As always packing a backpack for a long trip is a challenge by itself. You will find tons of videos on what and how to back. Our take on it is to take as little as possible. One big advantage of travelling in South East Asia is the favorable weather which reduces the number of clothes needed by quite a bit.

We ended up with two big backpacks (14 kg and 17 kg respectively of which about 5kg are charity items we want to distribute in Laos) as well as two smaller day packs.

Part of Kevin's Packing List
Part of Kevin’s Packing List
Yeah all packed (and no, we are not sponsored by Deuter ;))
Yeah all packed (no we are not sponsored by Deuter ;))

So that’s it for the moment – read soon about all the temples and hidden gems in Chang Mai. Use the comment section below to drop us a note if you like.

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