Culture and Beer in Munich

Less than two hours away from Salzburg by train Munich was our next stop. Once again we were lucky and stayed at a fantastic Airbnb.

On the other hand we thought that the Munich Card which allows free transportation and some discounts on museums was not really worthwhile. You are better off with just a regular public transport pass.

Pork Knuckles at the English Garden

After an extensive afternoon nap we profited from the good weather and headed to the English Garden for dinner.

The almost 4 km2 large garden is a popular hangout and thousands of people took advantage of the warm summer evening. Needless to say that the nearby university provided a steady stream of students open to all kind of drinking games (beer pong seemed to be the favorite).

You cannot go to Munich without eating pork knuckles and so this was our dinner in the beer garden (including music by a Bavarian music band). Cheers!

Prost to Hazel
Prost to Hazel

Museum Galore

The following day we visited an old friend of Kevin and his family. After almost ten years since the last reunion there was surly a lot to catch up.

Munich has this wonderful concept of Museum Sundays where most museums only charge one Euro entrance fee. Perfect for a rainy Sunday.

First stop was Museum Brandhorst which had an excellent collection of Andy Warhol and even designed a special room to show works of Cy Twombly which we liked a lot. As always modern art makes you think what is art (and what could be a painting of a five year old).

Yes, these are boats – obviously (Cy Twombly)

Next stop after lunch was the Pinakothek der Moderne another excellent modern art museum.

It's a Dali!
It’s a Dali!

Churches and Shopping

The last day in Munich we spent combining shopping with visiting some of the very impressive churches the city has to offer. Also a lunch visit to the famous Viktualien Market market was a must.


The next day it was already time to say goodbye to Munich. Hazel was heading to London to meet a friend from uni and I was heading back to Switzerland. This would be already our last week in good old Europe.

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