Sunny Salzburg

After having conquered the Gotthard and before going back to Singapore we spent some in Salzburg and Munich.

Beautiful old Town in the Austrian Mountains

After a beautiful train ride through the Austrian Alps we arrived in Salzburg and checked in with our nice Airbnb host.

On a first stroll through the old city we could already appreciated the rich culture of the place. The reason why so much of the old city is still preserved is that Salzburg took much less damage than other cities in WWII.

We also loved that the city is very compact and within half an hour almost everything can be reached.


Salzburg wouldn’t be Salzburg if not for its Biergarten and superb local food (which normally means lot of meat, sauerkraut and beer – so very much to my liking).

Don't tell my Doctor - Yummy Food in Salzburg
Don’t tell my Doctor – Yummy Food in Salzburg

The Fortress and Dom Musem

The next day we decided to hit the main attractions in town. Here the Salzburg Card provides excellent value – unlimited public transport and free entry to most of the museums. Definitely worth it.

First on the list was Fortress Hohensalzburg which was the residence of the former Prince-Archebishops (who was both church and secular leader – probably no compliance office back than). Besides a spectacular view of the city it also offers a good museum.

View from the Fortress

As it was a super hot day we continued our tour with the Dom Quartier Museum. Besides cool air it also had magnificent state rooms where rulers held audiences and such (speaking of a nice inner-city apartment).

After so much culture it was time to try the famous Salzburger Nockerl a very sweet egg based dessert.

Salzburger Nockerl
Salzburger Nockerl (they really like it very sweet)

Dinner was at “Die Weiss” a local brewery with a nice outdoor seating. As always the Austrian hospitality was fantastic.

Up to the Mountains (by Cable Car)

The next day we visited a few sights a bit outside of the city. First was a trip up to Untersberg – a mountain with a fantastic view of Salzburg and its surroundings.

View from  Untersberg
View from Untersberg

After lunch we visited the small but fine zoo. By then the temperatures was above 30 degrees and we were happy for the shade provided.

Last stop of the day was Hellbrunn Palace. Besides a big garden it also had a interesting array of trick fountains which was apparently the latest entertainment gadget in Baroque times.

Once back in the city we had our best meal in Salzburg at Pauli Stubm.

Museum and Misfortune

Museum der Moderne (Museum of Modern Art) was our first stop of the next day. As always art lies in the eye of the beholder but we especially liked the every day objects saltified by the Dead Sea (by Israeli artist Sigalit Landau)

Salty Art by by Sigalit Landau

After having a Bosna sausage for lunch at the famous Balkan Grill we headed to the Stigl Brewery for some beer. By then the temperature was well above 37 degrees and we were more than happy about the refreshment.

Unfortunately the day ended with a visit in the hospital as Hazel badly sprained her hand due to a misstep and subsequent fall. The hand didn’t seem broken and so she got a bandage and some painkillers.

Besides this misfortune we really loved Salzburg for its friendly people, sights, museums and excellent food.

Next stop Munich.

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