Weekend in Malacca

A short trip before the start of the big trip in one month time sounded like a wonderful idea (like any kind of trip does). So we decided to spend a weekend in Malacca.

A City with many Masters

The straits city which is only 200 km and about a 3 hours drive away from Singapore saw many masters throughout its history. The sultanate which always had a strong Chinese presence was first invaded by the Portuguese in the 16th century followed by the Dutch and British.

Up to today these influences can be seen everywhere in Malacca – be it in the Architecture or in the food. In this sense Malacca is quite a unique place in Malaysia.

A bit of Sightseeing, a bit of Shopping and yummy Food

Malacca with its UNESCO world heritage city center has to offer enough for a relaxed weekend. We drove up on Friday evening and after a good night’s sleep and hearty breakfast at our hotel we headed out for the city.

First stop were the ruins of St. Paul’s Church which offered a good view of the city and even had, besides old grave stones with Dutch engravings, a resident cat. Just next to it is the red Christ Church Malacca an 18th-century Anglican church and one of the main tourist attractions.

Next stop was the famous Jonker Street which is a mixture of food stalls (Kevin went straight for yummy coconut ice cream), restaurants and antiques shops. Some hosted in traditional old Chines shop houses.

After a bit of browsing and shopping we had a yummy lunch at the Daily Fix followed by some beers at a river side bar.

Traditional Shop House

Nyonya Dinner

After a nap and a swim at the hotel we headed out for dinner again. Malacca together with Penang and Singapore is famous for its Nyonya (also called Straits) cuisine.

It’s basically the result of blending Chinese Cuisine with Malay / Indonesian species and ingredients. The result is nothing short of yummy as you can guess from the photo. We had classics such as fish curry, Sambal squid and Rendang chicken. Already the dinner was worthwhile the trip.

With full bellies we headed back to Jonker Street which was by now transferred into a buzzing night market. Perfect for another stroll, ice cream (again) and a nightcap.

Yummy Nyoyan Food

Another Classic before going Home

The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel followed by grocery shopping. As the Malaysian Ringgit is notoriously week versus the Singapore Dollar lots of everyday household goods are less than half the price we pay in Singapore. So nothing wrong with stocking up a few kilos of washing detergent (yes, we are such boring grown ups).

Before heading home we enjoyed a delicious Bak kut teh (pork rib soup) lunch and a neighborhood restaurant. What a great weekend.

Where we stayed and what we have eaten

We stayed at the Hatten Hotel. Good value for money and near to everything (https://www.hattenhotel.com/)

We had good Nyonya Food at Restoran Ole Sayang Sdn. Bhd. (we think it’s definitely better than the reviews on the net suggest)

Nice Chicken Sandwich and yummy Pandan Pancakes at the Daily Fix

Sunday lunch was at Bah Ku Teh Teo Chew (neat to the Hatten Hotel)

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