A short History of Everything

Hello there. It has been while since our last post – about 6 years to be precise. Lot happened in the meantime.

The Swiss Life

After returning to Switzerland in 2013 we settled in there in the small but fine city of Aarau. Near to our friends we spent the next three years there living the Swiss life.

Hazel discovered her interest in gardening and so we ended up living in a African Violets / Tomato greenery. Good fun.

Kevin went back to work in Zurich for UBS and enjoyed staying near his parents.

We also made good use of the time hiking in Switzerland and added a few fantastic holidays to the USA and Canada.

And oh yes, we also got married in 2014 – including two weddings. One in Singapore and one Switzerland.


Back to Singapore

In 2017 opportunity stroke once again and Kevin was asked if he wanted to transfer back to Singapore for a project.

We didn’t need to much time to consider and so we landed in Singapore again in April 2017.

The first few months was all about getting settled and renovating our new apartment which we absolutely love.

Life got very busy for Kevin at work and Hazel took up her real estate work again. Besides that she also started her online business in water color and hand dyed wool (we will put a dedicated blog entry for this later on).

So all was running well…

Itchy Feet

This could have continued for another few years – after all we are all creatures of habit.

However after about two years there was this urge again to change something – job, location, something. A few things came together and soon the idea of travelling again for an extensive period of time became dominant again.

The second time is always easier and the decision to quit and get ready for a new epic trip was taken beginning of 2019.

And here we are. Five weeks left of work and getting all ready to leave again. Stay tuned for more soon and have a look at some pictural impressions from the last six years.

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