Epilogue – What a year

One year – so long and yet already over ;). But this would be the wrong place to complain that it’s over and be sad about it.

It was a blast – what a year. It’s very hard to find the right words to
summarize this extraordinary year with all its highlights.

First of all I think we are very grateful that we had the opportunity to do
something like this in the first place – we feel very privileged. To have one year time to see the world, relax, eat good food, read a library of books and meet interesting people. We are also thankful that we didn’t have any major problems, never really got sick and that we had fantastic weather throughout the entire trip.

It is surely something we will remember for a very long time – some 10’000 pictures will also surly help to keep the memories alive (yeah we are quite some

Some people asked us what were our favorite place – a question hard to answer as there were definitely highlights in any country. We especially liked New Zealand, the Philippines and Korea and are sure we will return there but as said each country had its highlights:

– The sheer size of Australia and its natural beauty
– Amazing New Zealand where we saw Penguins and had a unforgettable hike
with our very close friends in the Able Tasman National Park
– Releasing baby turtles to the beach in Indonesia
– The friendliness of the people and the absolute crystal clear water in the Philippines
– Amazing Angkor Wat in Cambodia including a down pour while we were cycling.
– A fantastic cooking class in beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam
– Dim Sum in the buzzing city of Hong Kong
– Pandas, Tibetan Monastery and Liuzhaigou in crazy China
– Korean BBQ, caves, nature and impressive DMZ in South Korea
– Food and crazy Shopping in Bangkok

After we spent some time in Singapore Kevin already headed back to
Switzerland where Hazel will join him for Christmas. So the next
adventures will be from Switzerland… perhaps we will blog about it ;).

Last but not least we like to thank all of you – our readers. We had never
thought that so many people would follow us on our trip. Thanks also a
lot for all the nice feedback – it’s awesome that you liked our blog.

It was an amazing trip – one day we will do it again!

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