All Ends in Bangkok

One could say the one couldn’t do a trip through Asia without stopping in Bangkok and so we made Thailand’s capital to our last stop on our amazing trip.

We stayed at the iCheckInn hotel near Sukhumvit which was surprisingly nice for the little we paid.

As we both had been in Bangkok numerous times we had no fix program and little sightseeing planned for the next few days. Which basically equaled to a lot of shopping and eating (not a bad alternative to sightseeing, isn’t it).

And so for the next 5 days we stocked up on new cloths, watched some movies and had yummy food from street food to a high class brunch at the Sheraton. Nevertheless we managed to at least visit the Erawan Shrine were you can see a lot of people praying for good luck, health and wealth and at the same time thank the Shrine for granted wishes.

Also Wat Traimit in China Town was a good choice as it hosts a 3 meter high Buddha Statue made of massive gold which is worth about 250 Million USD. We almost needed to put on our sunglasses to not get blinded by it ;).

In short Bangkok was definitely a worthy end to our amazing trip!

Read the next entry for some final thoughts from truly yours.

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