Wilpena Pound

Via Quorn, which looks like a set from a old Western movie and Hawker we drove to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Range National Park.

Already on the way we spotted a few kangaroos and emus. Once on the campground we were greeted by more kangaroos and some (very cheeky) birds. One of them even managed to get a piece of toast while we weren’t looking. After setting up our tent (which by now we were able to do in less than 10 minutes) we climbed  a near-by hill. It offered a fantastic view of the nearby plains and we were able to spot at least twenty kangaroos once the sun set.

The next day was dedicated to some walking. The 19km long Bridal Gap walk led us through the Pound (which was a lake a few thousands or so years ago). The weather was rather (Hazel would say “very”) hot and about a thousand flies accompanied us on our hike (mainly resting on Kevin’s back and face). The landscape was rather barren and we were happy once we had reached the gap which offered a fine view of the surroundings.

Given the heat and the army of flies we weren’t unhappy once we were back at the camp (Kevin was also happy that Hazel hasn’t killed him for another hike). In the evening we once again climbed “our” little hill again for more animal watching and in addition to the kangaroos and emus we saw goats (which are a big problem as they eat the food intended for the native animals) and even a few bunnies.

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