King’s Canyon

A Long 500 km drive from Alice Springs brought us to Kings Canyon in the Red Center.

Unfortunately on the way we bumped (probably) dirty opal fuel which made car jerking for the next few days – which was a bit scary (is how the strawberries must feel when they get blended for milk shake).

The campground at the Canyon was in the middle of the nowhere (or even more in the middle of nowhere than anything else in the Northern Territories). We saw a lot of nice birds and even some dingoes. The night was super windy but our little tent was successfully fighting the forces of nature (yeah).

The next day was a sporty Sunday as we wanted to do the 6km long Rim Walk around the top of the Kings Canyon (surprisingly it was Hazel’s idea). A short but very steep climb up to the rim brought up found memories of Zermatt for Hazel. Once the climb was successfully done the rest of the walk was more leisurely and offered really spectacular views and unique rock formations (see pictures). We even saw a huge lizard just a few meters in front of us.

After descending and a lunch break we walked into the gorge for a different view. In summary King’s Canyon was really a highlight of our trip so far – if you have ever the chance to do it then we can only recommend it.

The rest of day was spent with reading in the air-conditioned camp kitchen to escape from the dry heat. The evening brought a heavy thunderstorm and our tent had to fight rain for the first time. We are proud to say it won the fight!

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