Day Trip to West MacDonnell National Park

Today we explored the West MacDonnell National Park near Alice Springs. Although we considered this as a relaxed day trip we did 300 km – Australia is just super big… (just calculated that you could fit the area of Singapore 10729 times into the one of Australia – would be a lot of MRT stations ;)).

The first stop was the grave of John Flynn who was the founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Simpson Gap was our next stop (not sure if Homer Simpson was there perhaps… ;)). Like most other creeks and rivers it was completely dried out and so the “No Swimming” sign was rather funny.

Throughout the national park we saw a lot of impressive mountains and landscapes. After a stop at hot Stanly Chasm (don’t ask us what is the difference between a gorge and a chasm) we saw wild horses crossing the road which was a nice subject for some photos.

Last stop of the day was the gorgeous Omiston Gorge (sorry for the lame wordplay) which again was nature at its best. It was a worthwhile day trip.

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