Alice Springs

The next day we decided to have a rest day at Alice Springs. After a big breakfast with pancakes and eggs we relaxed for a few hours. The temperature was in the 40s which made the pool even more inviting.

In the afternoon we explored the city center of Alice Springs. Unsurprisingly Alice Springs is neither the cultural nor the party capital of the world nevertheless it had a Woolworth and a Coles where we stocked up on supplies. A lot of Aborigines were lingering around in the city center which was a common scene in the few towns and cities we have seen so far. Without being and expert and surly in no position to judge it seems as there remain a lot of tension between the Aboriginals and the “White Australians”.

Later on we enjoyed the sunset on nearby ANZAC memorial hill (in a lot of cities there are memorials of Australian who fought and died in WWI and WWII). For dinner Hazel cooked a very good chicken and vegetables in oyster sauce.

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