About Packing and Fishing

So, last day of work was already one week ago and the holiday mood is starting to settle in. Today was packing day and the flat is now really almost empty.

However between Kevin’s last day in the office and packing we spent two days fishing in Malaysia. We have done this before and thought it would be a good get away before we fly off (something like a pre-holiday break).

Not being a fisher we have to say fishing is one of the most relaxing things in the world. Probably one of the big advantages of it is that you can do it with one hand while holding a beer in the other (see picture for proof). Our Kelong (which is Malay for fishing platform – at least Kevin thinks so…) was about 90 minutes away from Singapore near Mersing. It’s all very well organized and you basically just have to bring your fishing gear and patience. Unfortunately it was not really “season” for most fishes and therefore we haven’t caught much. Nevertheless it was great fun to talk to the uncles and here their fishing stories. Check out http://www.kelongfishing.com/ if you want to try it… we can only recommend it.

Afterwards there were some more farewell drinks, nice dinners, a lot of administrative running around and last minute shopping.

As mentioned the packing is basically done. Considered that we are only flying in 3 days we would call it an early packing (knowing ourselves). We are actually packing for two trips. A suitcase for Switzerland and Europe and already our backpacks (which we will pick up in Singapore in October) for Australia and beyond.

One of the most amazing things is to realize with how little you can travel. You can (and need to) fit your necessities in a back pack…. which is a fascinating concept (Hazel would call it scary). The below pic shoes Kevin’s planned packing for the trip. Hazel’s will be similar but must contain a hair-dryer ;).

So, one more BBQ is waiting and then in a few days it’s time to say good-bye Singapore (at least for now).

Stay tuned
Kevin (and Hazel who is having lunch)

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