Super Short Summary of Everything

Hello, Gruezi and Ni Hao all,

Once again the famous first blank page which every school boy fears when writing and exam essay. As I am not a schoolboy and as this is already my second sentence I have therefore already overcome my first obstacle of this blog.

Most of you already know us but for those who don’t here a super short summary. Hazel and I, both in our late 20s or early 30s, met about 2 years ago here in Singapore and hit it off straight away. Now we are about 3 weeks away from the start of our round the world trip. As you can imagine there are hundreds of things to plan (or at least it looks like that) and even more good byes to say.

So now to the “core” of this first entry – the “what” (as in wth we will do) and the “why” (as in why are you doing this… are completely out of our minds – which by the way, is a legitimate and hardly to answer question).

So perhaps firstly the “why”. What is the motivation to take time off and go traveling. We both like traveling and kind of thought that the usual 2 weeks of holidays is just is not enough and taking a year off has always been somewhat of a live-dream. I hope as the blog develops you will feel our passion for travelling. In addition timing seems to be about right as there are no kids to feed and no mortgage to pay yet. Last but not least it’s just a mind-boggling-awesome thing if you ask us :).

Now for the “what”. Well everything isn’t that obvious ;). Not but seriously, for sure even if one would travel for several years, one couldn’t see all the nice places on earth and therefore a selection has to (or will be) made. As it stand for now the plan is to head to Switzerland first to attend a wedding, spend some time with friends and family, then go to Italy for another wedding (seems to be the season). About mid-October we will then head to Australia where we intend to spend about 3 months with the kangaroos before we are heading to New Zealand. Afterwards we are still discussing if we want to visit the Cook Islands or some other nice exotic place. Afterwards the idea is to travel through South East Asia up to China. What comes then is still a bit open but we intend to head to South America and probably stop by in Japan and perhaps the States…. we will see. Said so we are very grateful for every suggestion and inputs what to visit – so keep the comments flowing.

Last but not least perhaps quickly to the “modus operandi” of this blog. Hazel is a great photographer so she will primarily be in charge of the photos whereas I (aka Kevin) will hit the letters on the keyboard. For sure we will take the liberty to change this once in a while (it’s not the office after all where you have to stick to stupid rules).

Kevin and Hazel

So that’s for now. Stay tuned for the next entry which will be about Singapore – Hazel’s country and Kevin’s home for the last two years.

A lot to explore

P.S.: Für alle Deutsch sprechenden Freunde von uns. Wir haben uns entschieden hauptsächlich in Englisch zu schreiben, um den Blog möglichst vielen zugänglich zu machen. Da Euer Shakespeare-English makellos ist, dürfte dies ja kein Problem sein. Werden trotzdem versuchen ab und zu einen Deutschen Eintrag einfliessen zu lassen. Würden uns auf viele Feedbacks und Reisetipps freuen.

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